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About Lyrical Twist

Lyrical Twist is an artist, writer, and producer, currently based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. With a devotion to Hip-hop and the business, he is currently in the process of dropping a new project, entitled “The Voice of Indiana.” It is an experience driven album detailing both his personal experiences, and his experience coming out of the city of Gary, Indiana. In his writing, Lyrical Twist is very inspired by his city, and what he can do for the culture and perceptions within it. Despite artists such as Michael Jackson and Freddy Gibbs coming from the same area, Gary, Indiana is virtually undiscovered and in Lyrical Twist s opinion, there is so much entertainment in the city that has yet to be discovered.

Challenged by the beliefs of others that he could never become successful within the music industry despite his long time interest and involvement with music, it was the challenge of getting shot five times while trying to protect an artist on his recording label that finally shook his resolve, and got him to fully commit to making music production his priority. He uses music as an outlet to tell his stories and to share his experiences. With two singles coming out the first one, entitled “Money Walk,” is a dance song that challenges stereotypes within his community and provides commentary on the ideas of being authentic as well as a being a reflection upon his experiences with getting shot, nearly losing his life, and his resulting recovery process. The track “Shark Attack” was created after eight months of immobility and is a piece that lets others know not to judge a book by its cover, and to never underestimate and down-talk the people of Gary, Indiana and their power and will to achieve greatness.

Seeing himself as a black man whom has undergone a lot of pain and struggle within his life, and turned it all around in order to pursue his dreams and passion projects, he hopes to give back to his listeners through his music. Lyrical Twist is a kind-hearted person, and he loves to give back to people, and seeks to reach people and help them to see the alternate paths that they may be able to take within life to achieve their goals. Through his music he strives to portray his true self, and to help others understand both who he is and where he comes from and what he has learned. He hopes to show people that it is okay to always speak their minds.

Enjoying nothing more than moving with and talking with a crowd, he sees the opportunities he has had to tour and to work with people in the industry and to perform on new stages and in new cities one of his greatest achievements. With his album, “The Voice of Indiana,”¬†dropping in late early 2019, he currently has a promotional tour planned for February of 2019. His singles, including “Money Walk,” can be found online on all major digital streaming platforms including iTunes, and Spotify.

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